user oriented data fabric to

Humanize Data

The Semantic Concept Connection System framework is humanizing data for easy, secure and interactive communication of intelligence between software languages, devices, operating systems and web-platforms.

The Semantic Concept Connection System

The Semantic Concept Connection System secures data on any device with an intelligent and adaptable data fabric composed to ensure user level data consolidation, access, security, and sovereignty.

The secure semantic concept connection system schema emulates natural thought and etymology with the determinative hardware and software language independent integration of the semantic naming system, data model, formula, ontological taxonomy system, operating system and language to create, compose, combine and classify functions, rules, structures, semantics, grammar, deixis and pragmatics of languages.

  • Natural extensible data structure
  • Artificially individuated linguistic system predicated on American English
  • Secures data with intelligent adaptable data fabric
  • Have complete control of your data with record level security

The problem

The Problem Data Insecurity & Dislocation Securing and accessing data typically stored in multiple software systems, operating systems, and hardware platforms is challenging and time wasteful. Disparate data tables and communication tables developed on unorganized inaccessible, and outdated development platforms raise an unnecessary challenge to all software developers and ultimately put user's private information at risk.

The Solution

The Secure Semantic Concept Connection System The Semantic Concept Connection System provides a universal software independent framework with intuitive commands to allow users the sovereignty to allocate security and access rights to their data on any device. Software developers are provided with a data rich Concept framework that uses up to 14 tables to securely consolidate personal and corporate data sets. The framework also grants corporate leadership secure access to the all the information in all their data silos.

Our Services


freeSCHEMA consulting services offers our customer consulting time to software companies to adopt the freeSCHMA platform.

Data Consolidation

The freeSCHEMA data fabric provides an easily adaptable method to reference, consolidate, and store data.


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The semantics are intuitive and use the English language as a mechanism to typify words.

Platform Independent

Using our data fabric, we can run on everything, from your processor to your operating system to any programming language. We've got you covered.

User Sovereignty

You and your users have complete control of your data. You also have record level security, access, and secure session information.



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