Platform Independent

Using our data fabric, we can run on everything, from your processor to your operating system to any programming language. We've got you covered.

compact and platform independent 10 tables and 18 variables

The Semantic Concept Connection System uses only 18 variables to describe data for any input from programmers. The ontology itself only uses 10 compact and platform independent tables to combine and describe a user's data.

These 10 tables can be evaluated on any hardware, software, and operating system to create concept to concept connections for the user. This is known as our data fabric.

Blockchain approach

The Schema offers a block-chain approach to secure the exchange of data between all platforms and languages.

Easy to use

This model allows enterprise-wide collaborations between executives, users, managers, programmers, and developers they wouldn't otherwise have, making it easier to use, communicate, and have access to data. The model also makes it easier to create new concepts, types, and connections between all your data.