User Sovereignty

You and your users have complete control of your data. You also have record level security, access, and secure session information.

User level data sovereignty Create concepts, connections, security, and access control with ease

Users can create new concepts by combining already existing concepts and composing the types of concept to concept connections they desire. Users can also create new connections to and from data that's already been created and is laying in any connected platform. The concept ontologies offer simple pathways for data intercommunication.

Data owners can grant specific access rights to any part of their data sets including: their community, doctors, web-pages, company members, service providers, and development teams. Create new groups of users for more personalized sharing of your data.

Users have data sovereignty, corporations have intelligence

Developers who traditionally learned multiple languages to access, communicate, store, and display data will now be able to collaborate and communicate via a single, complete, natural language data communications framework. Traditional communication among SQL databases, operating systems, PHP scripts, JavaScript programs, HTML scripts, CSS scripts, Document Object Models, XML data communication, and browsers are transported in a single freeSCHEMA intelligent communication framework.

Developers will have rich, knowledge-filled concept categories and types that provide new collaborative intelligence and functionality to user data. freeSCHEMA provides an intuitive, secure, faster, more efficient, complete, and intelligent communication framework for the storage, reference, and transportation of data.